Recently, Cloth Paper Thread was asked to design something that would assist in the cooling down of individuals in mascot suits at a long event. With temperatures rising, the creativity had to come quick to keep these people from overheating. Audrey quickly designed a product that would fit under then suit and help keep body temperatures low enough to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration. See below for just a few of the testimonials received about this wonderful product!

“It was a hot summer, and twenty time hotter in those mascot suits. The ice pack vest made it at least 10 degrees cooler for me in there. We were very thankful for the vests this past summer.”
– Andy Morgan

“We had a broadcast when it was almost 90 degrees, and I was wearing our Kangaroo mascot suit. If I didn’t have the ice vest, I more than likely would have been sick or passed out.”
– Brady Chaney

“Even just wearing the vest when you are taking a rest with the top part of the mascot suit off, it makes the cool down so much easier. I can’t believe what a big difference it makes!”
– Preston Willis